• Any customer wishes to be a CNC Privilege Club member can do so just by filling a small enrollment form at the outlet. The enrollment charge (non-refundable) is mere Rs. 100/- per enrollment.

    • Once the duly filled enrollment form is received at the CNC outlet, the customer will be given an acknowledgement cum receipt of the form and the membership charges. All the club membership facilities could be availed even against this acknowlwdgement copy of the enrollment form.

    • CNC will then process the enrollment form in 15 to 20 working days and send you a Privilege Club membership card with your name and membership number on it.

    • Once the membership card is issued, it is mandatory for the club member to carry the card to the outlet and flash the same at the time of every purchase.

    • This is a family member can use the membership card at the CNC outlet.

    • Every CNC Privilege Club Member will be alotted a unique membership number.

    • The CNC Privilege Club Membership the loyalty Reward Program is valid for the lifetime of the club member.

    • The club members will earn 1 Loyalty Point against the purchase of every Rs. 150/- spent at the CNC outlet. Any purchase amount exceeding Rs. 150/- or its multiples will be carried forward for the next purchase.

    • An existing CNC Privilege Club Member can refer / introduce another customer to CNC as a club member and earn special 5 Loyalty Points for the referral.

    • There are various option and offer available for the redemption of the Loyalty Points earned by the club member. The redemption options will starts once any member accumulates minimum 100 Loyalty Points in his/her account.

    • CNC will acknowledge the top 3 Loyalty Points earners of the year (1st April to 31st March) and will reward them with most special rewards as a yearly bonaza.

    • The CNC Privilege Club Membership and Loyalty Program is offered by CNC as a promotional marketing initiative only without any monetary benefits to CNC.

    • The final decision regarding redemption of loyalty points, Gifts, offers, terms, time frame, etc would be a sole discretion of CNC management. In case of unavoidable circumstances, there may be changes in these without any prior notice.

    • The CNC Privilege Membership Cards is non transfferable.

    • The CNC Privilege Club Membership status, a member is required to make minimum purchases from CNC every year from the date of enrollment.

    • In the case of a missing membership card, the club member is requested to inform the same to CNC outlet and claim a duplicate membership card by paying Rs. 50/-.

    • CNC Privilege Club Members are requested to check the gifts / redemption rewards immediately on receipt and inform CNC in case of any damages, malfunction, etc. No claims on later stage will be entertained.

    • For any electrical or electronic article gadget/home appliances, etc the warrantee and post sales service if available would be extended from the manufacturer only.

    • Any dispute regarding thi loyalty program / club membership can be sorted out amicably with the CNC management.

  • Sr. CNC Customer Advantages Privilege Club Member Non Member
    1 Unique CNC Privilege Club Membership Number
    2 CNC Privilge Club Membership Card
    3 Home Delivery Service in Hengrabari area ✔ (Free) ✘ (Chargeable)
    4 Daily Lucky Drawn with exciting gifts
    5 Monthly Lucky Drawn with exciting gifts
    6 Mega Lucky Drawn once in a year with mega offers
    7 Personalized wishes & discount coupons on your special days
    8 Earning of Loyalty Points against every purchase at CNC
    9 Earning of Referral Loyalty Points
    10 Redemption of Loyalty Points with many gifts and offers
    11 Access Login facility on CNC's Website

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